About Us

Charitable Organizations aim to improve life of the poorest, the weakest and, more generally, of all humans living in difficult conditions. They also aim to preserve the nature, the environment, animals or any living life on our blue planet so that our conditions of life improve or at least do not deteriorate.  

The quality and efficiency of actions led by Charitable Organizations are very disparate (not homogeneous), and some of these Organizations use their ‘charitable status’ to raise money and lead actions that are contrary to their stated goals.

More generally, there is a lack of independent organizations which can provide guidance to donors (individuals and corporate) on whether Charitable organizations are transparent enough, have good corporate governance, and on the efficiency of these organizations, based on objective and universal factors.

It is still difficult for many of us to easily find ‘basic’ information on even the most popular, well known, and financially established large Charitable Organizations.

Also, small to medium size Charitable Organizations may do a fantastic job, but are limited into their financial ability to invest in marketing/communication resources and would deserve to have a better access to donators, in a more efficient and costless way.